• Programmable Logic Control for machining operations
  • Automatic magazine for coiled and solid edge materials.
  • Patented HOLZ-HER cartridge glue systems.
  • Multi-functional top/bottom flush and end trimming units
    (flush, radius & chamfered edges)
  • Optional HOLZ-HER exclusive PCS (Pneumatic Changeover System)
  • Edge thickness from 0.4-3 mm
  • Panel thickness from min/max 6-45 mm to 0.3 - 13mm
  • Feed speeds from 8 - 11 m/min
  • Premilling available
  • Scraping and Buffing controls

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THE SPRINT 1329 & 1327

Edgebander Lumina Holzher for edgebanding

Edgebander LUMINA 1380 & 1375 for artisans at an industrial level.

  • Invisible Joint with Laser Edging
  • iTronic for intelligent automation
  • Waterproof Invisible Joint
  • Intuitive Operation with Touch Screen

Two systems for perfectly invisible joints. The GluJet glue application system for standard use of PUR glue and the LTRONIC, the new laser edging unit from HOLZ-HER, are unbeatable in terms of speed and cost efficiency. Up to 18 NC servo-axes provide maximum automation and productivity. From high tech jointing cutting to complete finishing, this machine offers comprehensive equipment for perfect edgebanding. The all-rounder in this class.

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The ACCURA 1558 is a future-oriented milestone for edgebanding THE HOLZ-HER ACCURA SERIES:
  • Invisible Joints with Glu Jet Thin Film Technology
  • Integrated Multifunction Cutting Technology
  • iTronic for intelligent automation
  • Workpiece Thickness up to 60 mm
  • Edge Thickness up to 20 mm
  • Units for 100% Repetition Accuracy

Edgebander ACCURA 1558
Edgebander ACCURA 1556
Edgebander ACCURA 1554

The Streamer 1057 edgebander as entry model for professional edgebanding THE HOLZ-HER STREAMER SERIES:
  • Invisible Joints with Glu Jet Thin Film Technology
  • Diamond Tipped Cutter
  • Unbeatable price/benefit ratio
  • Workpiece thickness up to 60 mm
  • Edge thickness up to 6 mm


Highest degree of automation with three finishing units THE HOLZ-HER AURIGA SERIES:
  • Invisible Joints with Glu Jet Thin Film Technology
  • iTronic for intelligent automation
  • Diamond Tipped Cutter as Standard Feature
  • Automatic Complete Processing
  • Workpiece Thickness up to 60 mm
  • Edge Thickness up to 8 mm

HOLZ-HER Edgebander AURIGA 1308 XL
HOLZ-HER Edgebander AURIGA 1308


Vitap edgebanding machines are reliable and precise woodworking machines. Our range of products includes trimming machines, semi-automatic edgebanding machines and automatic single side edgebanding machines.These machines are distinguished by their easy use, great versatility and limited space in the work environment. Our machines are able to apply edges with great efficiency and precision on shaped pieces of any shape and on straightened pieces.

Vitap - BC91 Evo

Vitap - BC92

Vitap - RC92

Vitap - Rounder

Vitap - Smart

Vitap - Eclipse

Vitap - Blade




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