Finger Jointers
Designed and engineered for small and medium-sized companies to fight skyrocketing timber prices by utilizing current waste. Small footprint and one person operation. A completely new machine concept with an excellent price/performance ratio!
  • Horizontal or Vertical fingerjoints, in a variety of patterns.
  • Press lengths up to 20 feet!
  • 6" cutting height for beams or blocks.
  • High-capacity shaper station up to 500 mm wide.
  • Disc-type or solid cutters up to 250mm diameter.
  • Hogging unit standard - scoring saws optional.
  • Proven, maintenance-free Weinig spindle; axial adjustment in 1/100mm range.
  • Spindle jump device for 1/2 finger pitch. Better alignment for horizontal joints.
  • Simple operation - Fast and easy installation.
  • Safe and quiet operation - state-of-the-art maintenance.
  • Mouldings, cabinet parts, picture frame stock, panel stock, component material, and thousands of other uses at a fraction of the price of new raw lumber! In the widths and lengths you need!
Grecon ProfiJoint Fingerjointing LINe

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Grecon HS Series Horizontal Fingerjointers

The Grecon HS 180 Horizontal Finger Jointer from the Weinig Group is now available with an increased capacity of 180 lugs per minute. New design elements at the cross transfer station and an extended feed-in track are combined with all the high-capacity features of the standard HS 120.

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  • The spindles are manufactured by Weinig and are available in either inch or metric sizes.
  • A single controller allows automatic setup for all areas like power feed attachments and glue applicators. Retrievable statistical data on capacities, cycles, times and interruptions is available in plain text at the push of a button.
  • All saws and spindles have belt drive to eliminate vibration, increase running speed and avoid the use of special-configuration motors. All cutting elements are equipped with motor brakes for safety and much faster changeover time.
  • Press capacity has been increased to 10 cycles per minute.
  • Automatic lug loading means only one operator is needed at the infeed.

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Grecon ULTRA Fingerjointer

  • The Grecon ULTRA is versatile and universal. Highly efficient for medium-production ranges of applications.
  • 6 different configurations available.
  • Heavy duty shaper section with increased width capacity.
  • Can be used for either horizontal or vertical joints.
  • Optional scoring saws for optimum edge cutting for furniture, cabinet or flooring applications.
  • Shaping spindle automatically offsets itself by 1/2 finger for precise alignment and no offsets.

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Grecon COMBIPACT Fingerjointer

As with all Grecon systems, the basic model may be easily expanded and retrofit with more automated features as your production requirements increase. 

  • Demand for high-precision joints and speed has led Grecon to develop the COMBIPACT system for vertical joints, butt joints and special profiles.
  • Compact design minimizes space requirements.
    The speed of a horizontal line with the flexibility of a packet line.
  • Horizontal or vertical joints, as well as custom profiles.
  • Patented glue application system.
  • Speed-dependent table positioning for increased performance.
  • Available in 6 configurations.

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