Materials Handling Equipment

 All Feeder Models Feature:


- 36 inch feed table length

- Feed table width 6, 8, 12 or 16 feet

- Additional non motorised idler rolls support boards during feeding

- Individual hydraulic motors for the two top drive rolls, one for the bottom drive rolls and one hydraulic motor for the chains

- Semi-automatic adjusting pneumatic fence, according to board width

- Easy to access thickness adjustment at the front of feeder

- Tool less adjustment handles for quick set-ups

- Interface relay to stop feeder when moulder is stopped

- 4" by 4" welded steel main frame

- Standard working height 32" to 36"

- 220/440 or 600 volts, 3 phase, 60 cycles electrics

- Feeder controls on a pedestal with extended cable for ease of operation

Doucet Lateral Chain Feeder
Model Number Power Unit Throughput Speed
5 HP
0-75 ft/min
10 HP
0-150 ft/min
20 HP
50-300 ft/min
  • High productivity feeding mechanism
  • Standard, inexpensive, and long lasting C 2060 chains
  • Pneumatic system preventing chain friction and marking
  • Choice of feed rolls for hard wood, soft wood and semi-finished material
  • Easy speed adjustment
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Doucet BT Return Conveyors
  • Receiving table speed: variable 30-90 ft/min.
  • Transfer mechanism: fixed 180 ft/min
  • Return conveyor: variable 60-180 ft/min.
  • Two motorized in-feed arms on BT-2 and BT-30 model, three arms on BT-36.  Bt-48 and T-60 models equipped with motorized rollers
Optional Features:
  • 3', 5' or 7' table additions
  • motorized in-feed arms
  • Motorized in-feed rollers
  • Habasit transfer belts
  • Automatic panel turner
  • 6" transfer stroke
  • Lock casters and more!
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