The OptiCut S – Series from DIMTER:  The Universal Cross-cut Saws with the Large Performance Spectrum

Cross-cutting is done everywhere! And in cutting to length there is far more potential for increasing productivity than generally assumed. It does not matter whether it is a question of higher production capacity or increased profit by saving wood through higher yield and having higher value added.

The DIMTER OptiCut S-Series makes the advantages of cross-cutting also accessible to small and medium-sized plants in the woodworking industry.

Even the smallest one, the
OptiCut S35, cuts up to four times as much as a manual cross-cut saw – with half as many employees*. Because the OptiCut carries out many process steps automatically.

  • Transporting
  • Exact positioning
  • Safe clamping
  • Cutting

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OptiCut S35
OptiCut S50
OptiCut S90
OptiCut S700

In the meantime the employee loads the material and stacks the cut lengths away. Whether small or large production runs: DIMTER OptiCut always offers more! And this of course is done very safely, because the hands stay outside.

If preset lengths are cut according to a fixed cutting pattern, – e.g. when fixed batch sizes should be produced from “clear” raw timber quality – then the capacity can easily be multiplied. The workpieces are simply cut as a package. With this even large daily outputs are possible on a push-feed saw.

Dimter OptiCut S50 automatic crosscut saw
OptiCut S50

Dimter OptiCut S90 automatic chop saw
OptiCut S90

Dimter OptiCut S700 for crosscutting of I joists and beams

High flexibility guarantees the function “manual cutting”. At any time a manual trim cut, a defect or lengths can be individually cut in between the production.  The OptiCut also offers the opportunity to cut lengths from a cutting list after the workpiece has been automatically measured – of course with the lowest waste.

An upgrading of the wood quality for higher value added and more can be achieved via the function “Cutting out the defects automatically”. Afterwards the timber can be glued together again on a finger-jointing line to have a "defect-free" timber quality for further production.

Full optimizing is also possible: The OptiCut cuts off lengths from a cutting list between marked defects. The OptiCom software always calculates the best combination of lengths to reduce the waste and to upgrade the qualities. On the OptiCut S-series up to four qualities can be taken into consideration.

In spite of the large performance spectrum the OptiCut is operated very easily – just as easy as preparing a cutting list. Every OptiCut may be managed from the office as well and with the intuitive OptiCom Direct Touchscreen Terminal the saw can easily be integrated into your companies network. The operator only has to feed the machine and take care of the produced lengths. Fully automized solutions are also available according to the needs of your individual production.

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If only lengths are cut according to fixed standards (e.g. fixed cutting pattern), high daily outputs can already be achieved with the universal DIMTER OptiCut Push-feed Saws. Here the workpieces are simply cut as entire packages.

If fixed lengths are cut depending on the raw length of the workpieces, defects cut out or even optimized, then DIMTER OptiCut high performance through feed saws are used for high daily outputs.

When automatically cutting individual workpieces the OptiCut – depending on the cutting function – takes over most of the process steps: Measuring the workpiece, calculating the ideal length combinations with the lowest waste if necessary, workpiece transport and exact positioning as well as cutting and separating the waste. In the background actual values and meaningful statistics are recorded as well. The employee focuses on the grading of the raw timber, if this is also not carried out automatically, e.g. by a modern recognition system/scanner.

OptiCut high performance cross-cut saws have become a synonym for fast, exact length cutting in the meantime. Users report about the high reliability and mention a technical uptime of more than 95%.

Several unique innovations separate Dimter saws from the rest; the VarioSpeed (patent pending) is the intelligent infeed system to raise the daily output. In order to improve the saw efficiency, the gap between boards on the infeed belt is automatically minimized while the optimization process is in operation, eliminating idle time on your saw.

Our customers confirm that this feature alone can increase the daily output up to 20%. Even material handling is made fast and easy with more Dimter innovations like the OptiCut Stacker. Complete production lines and individual material handling systems can be tailor-made for
your production.

Dimter OptiCut 150 automatic optimizing chop saw
OptiCut 150

Dimter OptiCut 200 automatic optimizing cross-cut saw
OptiCut 200

Dimter OptiCut 350 high speed automatic optimizing crosscut saw
OptiCut 450/450XL

The fastest chop saw in the world!
OptiCut 450 Quant

In spite of all these possibilities it is easy to operate the OptiCut. Just as easy as preparing a cutting list. The OptiCut itself records the statistics – automatically. Every OptiCut may be managed from the office as well and with the intuitive OptiCom Direct Touchscreen terminal the saw can easily be integrated into your company network.

And you get the full support and backing of the Weinig Group - providing the latest technology with maximum system integration - all from one source.

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OptiCut 150
OptiCut 200
OptiCut 450/450XL
OptiCut 450 Quantum
OptiCut 450 FJ+

Minimize Waste & Maximize Yield

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