Sliding Table Saws
MARTIN T60A - The perfect introduction to the world of premium entry-level class saws

A smoothly running saw blade, a smooth and precise guidance of the sliding table and a precision rip fence; all fundamental features that woodworkers see as the most important aspects of a high-quality sliding table saw. The T60A can offer you this and even more.

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Motor power:  4 kW 
optional  7,5 kW 
Cutting height:  max. 87,5 mm with saw blade 315 mm 
Saw-blade tilting:  0 to 46 
Saw-blade diameter:  250 - 315 mm (250 - 400 mm Option T60A18-a) 
Main saw blade change:  ProLock 
Rotationel speed:  5000 rpm 
Blade thickness:  max. 6 mm / special tool 15,3 mm 
Cutting width:  850 mm 
optional  1250 mm 
Cross-cut fence length:  95 - 3220 mm 
Sliding-table length:  3,0 m 
optional  1,9 m / 3,3 m / 3,7 m 
Cutting angle/height:  electrically via pushbutton (fast & creep modes), incl. digital display of cutting angle 
Rip Fence:  according to a scale with fine adjustment 
optional  with digital display 
optional  Adjustment by hand-wheel from operators position 
Dust extraction machine frame:  120 mm 
Dust extraction saw blade guard:  100 mm 
Weight:  1.300 - 1.500 kg 

MARTIN T70 - A high-end sliding table saw that sets industry standards

The T70, like every MARTIN machine, is built for maximum performance. The sturdy mechanical design and the unique and user friendly 10.4 touch screen controller perfectly complement each other. MARTIN does not only set industry standards when it comes to technology but also when it comes to user-friendliness. The operator is guided through individual work processes step by step by the controller that can also be customized if desired.

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Motor power:  5,5 kW (7.5 HP) 
optional:  7,5 kW (11) 
  11 kW (15 HP) 
Cutting height:  max. 204 mm (8) with saw blade 550 mm (21.6) 
Saw-blade tilting:  0 bis 46 
Saw-blade diameter:  250 - 550 mm (10 - 21.6) 
Main saw blade change:  ProLock 
Rotational speed:  2800 / 4000 / 5000 rpm 
optional:  Infinitely variable from 2.000 to 6.000 rpm 
Blade thickness:  max. 6 mm (0.24) / max. 20 mm (0.79) special tool (cutting angle 0) 
Cutting width:  850 mm (33.5 
optional:  1100 mm (43.3) / 1350 mm ( 53.1) / 1600 mm ( 63) 
Cross-cut fence length:  190 - 3310 mm (7.5" - 130.3) 
Standard Sliding-table length:  3,0 m (9 8) 
optional:  1,9 m (6 3) / 3,3 m (10 10) / 3,7 m (12 7) / 4,3 m (14 2) 
Controller:  PowerPC 
Control panel:  TouchScreen 
  10,4" (264 mm) 640 x 480 colour TFT (8 bit colour depth) 
  Elect. controlled cutting height, display 0,1 mm 
  Elect. controlled cutting angle, display 0,01 
  Elect. controlled cutting width, display 0,1 mm 
Dust extraction:  machine frame 120 mm (4.7) 
Dust extraction:  saw blade guard 100 mm (3.9) 
Weight:  1.600 - 2.200 kg (3.527 - 4.850 lbs) 

    Technical specifications TC6

    Motor rating:  4 kW 
    Max. cutting height (90):  118 mm 
    Max. cutting height (45):  80 mm 
    Tilting range of the saw blade:  0 bis 45 
    Main saw blade diameter:  350 mm 
    Rotational speed of the main saw blade:  4000 U/min 
    Length of the sliding table:  1050 mm 
    Lnge Besumtisch:  3200 mm 
    Dust ports machine frame:  120 mm 
    Dust ports blade guard:  80mm 
    Weight:  approx. 730 / 735 kg 
MARTIN TC6 MACHINES - The inexpensive introduction to the world of MARTIN!

Some woodworkers say that the sliding table saw is the most important machine in their workshop. In any case, your new sliding-table saw has to make fine cuts as reliably as rough cuts. A sliding table saw should allow the operator to work quickly, accurately and without fatigue; operating for many years. Opting for a sliding table saw from MARTIN results in no compromises.



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The solid cast iron trunnion is guided by large tilting segments. For the adjustment of the cutting height, the machines have a linear guiding system. The saw blade is powered by a 4 kW motor; 5.5 kW and 7.5 kW motors are also available. For perfect, tear-out free cuts on veneered or laminated panels, all machines offer a powerful 2-axis scoring unit that can be adjusted from 2.8 mm to 3.6 mm in width.




Even the basic machine is equipped with a 3200 mm sliding table, a scoring saw assembly with hand-wheel adjustment and a cutting width of 1050 mm. The sliding table runs on a hardened steel guiding system; permanently ensuring precise cutting results

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