Tenoners and Mortising Machines
Designed to cut all types of tenons, with up to 3 composite angles on straight or curved wooden rails without use of templates.
  • Hourly production: 600/700 tenons
  • Tenon width: max 100 mm + thickness
  • Tenon thickness: max 30 mm
  • Tenon depth: max 50 mm
  • Tables tilt: max 20
  • Work piece fence swiveling: 45
  • Cutter rotation: 9000 rpm
  • Cutter motor: 4 HP (3 Kw)
  • Cycle motor: 1 HP (0,75 Kw)
  • Overall sizes: 1250x1150x1300 mm
  • Net weight: Kg. 830 
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BALESTRINI PRAGMA Multi-spindle slot mortiser

The range of PRAGMA slot mortisers with horizontal spindles and PRAGMA-TOP with vertical and horizontal spindles is able to produce single cycle multiple slots of different lengths, in chair, table and other furniture parts. Different versions are available with various numbers of spindles and oscillating carriages and multiple tilting ranges.

  • Max oscillation length: 100 mm.
  • Max slot depth: 80 mm.
  • Standard collet shank: 13 mm. (different upon request)
  • Spindle center-distance: min. 84 max. 1170 mm.
  • Pragma oscillation motor: 0,35 Kw
  • Pragma-Top oscillation motor: 0,75 Kw
  • Spindle-HF-motor: 1 Kw each
  • Spindle rotation: 6000/12000 rpm.

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  • Max oscillation length: 120 mm
  • Max slot depth: 80 mm
  • Max slot thickness: 30 mm
  • Standard collet shank: 13 mm (different upon request)
  • Spindle rotation: 9000 rpm
  • Oscillations per minute: 60-350
  • Max table inclination: 20
  • Dust extraction hoods; 80 mm x 2
  • Spindle motor: 2,2 Kw
  • Oscillation motor: 0,35 Kw
  • Hourly production: 500-800 slots
  • Overall dimensions: 950x1350x1270 mm
  • Weight: 450 Kg 
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  • End cut-off unit: circular TCT saw blade 400 mm - 3000 rpm. - 3 HP motor
  • Boring unit: standard boring head with center distances from 15 to 80 mm. (special boring heads on request) - max boring depth 80 mm. - 3000 rpm - 3 HP motor
  • Moulding unit: spindle 30 mm. - max allowed dimensions for cutters 160 mm - h. 120 mm. - 8000 rpm - HP 5,5 motor
  • Hydraulic control box: 2 HP motor 

The End cut-off Moulding and Boring machine mod. TEAM is composed of three working units: the circular saw for cutting to length of the work pieces, the vertical spindle for moulding and the boring assembly which is equipped with multi-bit drilling heads.

All working units are hydraulically controlled.
The machine may be used for a variety of job requirements, including end cutting off- curved shoulder moulding and boring, or end cutting off and moulding for finger jointing, or end cutting off-boring, etc.

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CP90 Double Sided Copy Shapers and Sanders are designed for the production of chair, table and furniture components by accurately copying a template. They are available with either 4, 6 or 8 operating units which may all be utilized for producing the profile, or can be individually selected to work on different points of the work piece.

The bed of the machine is a monolithic tubular structure with internal strengthening crossbars made of thick welded steel. For increased strength and guaranteed stability and precision in use, it is normalized to relieve stresses.

Operating units may be angled with respect to the feed carriage direction without the need to make any further adjustment to the position of the tool, which retains its relative position to the template at all times.

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BALESTRINI Double Sided Shaper and Sander
  • Max. working length: 2500 mm
  • Max. working width: 500 mm
  • Max. working height: 180 mm
  • Shaping units: 8400 rpm - shaft 35 mm
  • Shaping/sanding units: 4200/8400 rpm
  • Sanding units: 4200 rpm
  • Max. cutter dimensions: 160 mm. - h. 180 mm
  • Sanding belt length: 2200-2400 mm.
  • Sanding belt speed: 25 mt/sec
  • Carriage feed speed: 1-18 mt/min
  • Hydraulic pump motor: 5,5 HP

  • Units 1-2 shapers: 10 HP (upon request 15 HP)
  • Units 3-4 shapers/sanders: 4,5/6 HP (upon request 6/7,5 HP)

  • Units 1-2 shapers: 10 HP (upon request 15 HP)
  • Units 3-4 shapers/sanders: 4,5/6 HP (upon request 6/7,5 HP)
  • Units 5-6 sanders: 4 HP

  • Units 1-2 shapers: 10 HP (upon request 15 HP)
  • Units 3-4 shapers: 5,5 HP (upon request 7,5 HP)
  •  Units 5-6-7-8 sanders: 4 HP 

Gabbiani manufactures high quality machinery built to last, by incorporating a heavy-duty machine bed of welded and stress relieved steel with linear rail-guides for the traverse movement of the machine. The movable side of the machine is adjusted by means of an inverter controlled ball screw. Electronic digital read-out of the working width. Gabbiani uses ball-screws and ball-nuts for the positioning of ALL NC controlled or motorized axis. 

  • Touch Screen Control
  • Sliding train track Celaschi patented
  • Work piece thickness from 5mm to 180mm
  • Axis interpolation
  •  Option for narrow track

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  • Available with numerous spindle configuration for Furniture, Millwork, Kitchen, or Window and Door  operation.
  • Jump scoring & Hogging Unit
  • Top and Bottom Tenoning
  • Jump Moulding Head
  • Moulding Head with counter support spindle when using stackable tooling
  • Automatic Tool changes
  • Multi -axis NC with PC board operator interface and CNC shaping, complete with parometric CAD functions
  • High accuracy spindles for CNC shaping
  • Belt sanding - straight or profile

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