Vertical Saws

Features include:
  • Cutting capacity 208" x 82"
  • Patented "SUPER-CUT" scoring system
  • Depth of cut of up to 80mm (3 in.) with scoring
  • Patented pneumatic tilting of the blade enables saw motor to remain stationary
  • 7.5 HP main motor
  • Transport rollers pneumatically lift and automatic lower when saw unit plunges in
  • New "Domino-Style" intermediate shelf supports
  • TCT saw blade, diameter 300mm (11.8 in)
  • Pneumatic locking for precision and accuracy
  • Hinged workpiece, supports in first 3 areas
  • Special V -Grooving attachment for "solid surface" material
Holz Her “Super cut” 1225/30 Vertical Panel Saw

The Super cut 1225/1230 panel saw process a large variety of different materials which are used in just about any industry that cuts panel materials
  • Particle-core
  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Solid Surface
  • Solid Surface Veneers
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum-composite
  • Aluminum or ferrous metal panels


  • Link with all major design software packages via Seesaw software (Requires PC and Software)
  • Available with optional Angle Cut Feature

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Holz Her “Supercut” 1265S Vertical Panel Saw

Idea first choice for any size shop, this rugged economical performer feature easily tiltable saw head for horizontal or vertical cutting, smooth plunging main saw, manual shifting backgrid for panel support, 3 pop-up conveyor rollers for easy panel movement, easy loading one-man operation.

  • Cutting capacity : 3300 mm x 1600 mm
  • Depth of cut (with scoring) 45 mm
  • Saw blade diameter: 220 mm
  • 1 x length stop rail 3300 mm (scales in ‘mm’ and ‘inches’
  • Rip gauge: 650 mm
  • Built-in dust extraction systems
  • Motor: 4 HP


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Holz Her “Super cut” 1265 & 1270 automatic

Versatile and productive vertical panel saws that stand in only 70 sq./ft. of floor space.  On the automatic model 1270, the cutting-unit drives itself to pre-set stops, and returns automatically when the cut is completed.

Features: Cutting capacity: 4300 mm x 1900 mm

  • Depth of cut (with scoring): 45 mm
  • Saw blade diameter: 220 mm
  • 4 pop-up rollers for easy panel movement
  • Automatic moving grid
  • Built-in duct extraction system
  • Rip gauge: 650 mm
  • Grooving attachment
  • Dado Capacity: 22.5 mm maximum
  • Motor: 4 HP

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