Bi-Matic Edgebander

Used Bimatic Edgebander
Model: DY.
Year: 2012



Used Bimatic Edgebander
Model: DY.
Year: 2012

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Teflon coated gluepot with quick heat up time of 5-6 minutes.
 650mm diameter coil support tray for holding coiled edgebanding
 3mm guillotine for cutting 3mm edgebanding up to 54mm wide
 Pressure zone consist of (1) driven and (2) idle pressure rollers
 Microprocessor control for turning on and off all working units and control the glue pot temperature
 Dual high frequency motor end trim which can be automatically inclined from 0-15o from the control panel
 High frequency top and bottom trimmers with nesting tracking rollers and equipped with the Easy-Set system for quick adjustment between various pre-set thicknesses
 Equipped with multi function insert tooling for flush and radius trimming (2mm)
 Radius scraping unit with 2mm radius tooling with upper nesting rollers and can be pneumatically activated by the control panel. It is also equipped with the Easy-Set system
 A chip box collects the scrapings to ensure they do not enter the dust collector
 Anti-adhesive liquid sprinkler installed in prior to the scraping unit
 Glue scraping unit with rotating tracer wheels to remove any excess glue to provide a pristine finish on the panel
 Top & bottom buffing units to polish the edge of the panel
Edge thick: 0.4 – 3 mm
Min. panel lenght: 80 mm ca.
Min. panel width: 60 mm ca. / 5.12 “
Installed power: 8 Kw ca.
Max. panel thickness 60mm
Min. panel thickness 8mm
Working speed: 11 mt/1’
Dust outlets: Nr.01 Ø 150 mm
Voltage: 230 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz

Pneumatic Operating Pressure: 6 ATM
Length: 3400 mm
Width: 825 mm.
High: 1380 mm
Weight: 730 Kg