Lamello Tenso P-14 Invisible Self-Clamping Joining Element Connectors, box of 80

Manufacturer Lamello



Manufacturer Lamello

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Manufacturer Lamello


Concealed, self-clamping connector

High level of clamping force

For all angles

Extremely fast, tool-free installation of connectors

Stackable for transport, despite integrated connector

Lateral tolerance for efficient installation with the Zeta P2 profile groove biscuit joiner or a CNC machine

Application Furniture, Shelve Units, Fitted Wardrobes, Kitchen Construction, Covers, Visible Faces, Etc


Material Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Shell

Package Size 80

Type Invisible

Width27 mm

Length66 mm

Height9.7 mm

Cutting Size100.4 mm x 7 mm x 22 mm

Installation ToleranceLongitudinal ± 1 mm

Tightening Force~ 150 N ≈ 15 kg/Connector

Tensile Strength~ 250 N ≈ 25 kg/Connector

Special Featureswithout Preload Clip